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Healthy and balanced diet is important for every athlete

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Healthy and balanced diet is important for every athlete. With the right diet, athletes can significantly improve their performance. This home course teaches you how to draw up personalized feeding schedules for top and hobby athletes.

During this training you learn everything about the energy consumption of the body. You study the components of food and discover their specific effect and impact on the body. You also learn to distinguish between strength, endurance and team sport, and between training and competition moments.

As a Sports Nutrition Advisor you offer athletes a targeted individual guidance. In this way you help athletes to rise above themselves and ultimately to break that long-awaited record!


  • Energy and the human body
  • The constituents of food
  • Creating norms
  • Digestion and metabolism
  • Healthy food: all day long
  • Alternative food
  • Drawing up nutrition schedules
  • Eating disorders in sports


  • Energy-producing nutrients and their impact on the body? You know everything about it!
  • Offer athletes specific individual coaching
  • Make a professional distinction between strength, endurance and team sport or between training and competition moments

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