Italian For Beginners


Imagine packing a bag right now, going on a gondola ride around Venice and having a chat with the gondolier

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Imagine packing a bag right now, going on a gondola ride around Venice and having a chat with the gondolier. Or writing an e-mail to apply for that amazing job posting in Milan you saw. Imagine being the one to take charge during the next conference call with your firm’s Italian business partner.

Imagine being able to speak another language.

A different language is a different vision on life†– Federico Fellini

You want to experience everything the world has to offer. But first, you need to recognize it. Understand it. You need 20/20 vision. That’s what a new language gives you.

Welcome to Italian for beginners!

This Italian course will grant you a fundamental understanding of the language. You master the basics of grammar and sentence structure, and improve your vocabulary. You gain the knowledge and confidence to carry out conversations on different topics. The purpose of this Italian course is to teach you to express yourself, to be understood and understand others.

This course is for people who want to:

  • go to Italy and properly experience the culture
  • get to know their Italian friends and colleagues better
  • understand a different way of life
  • broaden their horizons

Learning a new language opens you up to amazing new possibilities. Sign up for an Italian course, and discover the world’s secrets!


  • Basics. Alphabet and grammar fundamentals
  • Introducing yourself
  • In public; shopping and restaurants
  • Workplace communication
  • Goods and services. Ordering in Italian
  • Phone conversations
  • E-mail and written communication
  • Business meetings and conferences


  • Command of basic Italian means you can carry out straightforward conversations, read and write texts, and add a new skill to your CV

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