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Your home is who you are

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Your home is who you are.

It reflect your personality and determines it. A research suggests that the design of the room you're in affects your mood, your work and even your brain activity. Your home's interior has a voice, and it speaks- it speaks to you, and it speaks about you. Welcome to Interior Design!

This Interior Design home course walks you through history and show you the factors that shaped Interior Design as we know it. Become familiar with different trends and style movements, and learn to effectively apply them to satisfy yourself or your clients.


  • Your future opportunities as an Interior Designer
  • Style history and influences
  • Modern styles and trends
  • How to unleash your creativity
  • Interviews and scheduling
  • Understanding and satisfying clients
  • The design process
  • Key design elements
  • Adding decoration
  • Software and drawing aids
  • Views and perspective
  • Furniture arrangement and positioning
  • Design psychology
  • HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  • Starting your career


  • Combining various materials and colors into one harmonious whole
  • Varying between a range of styles and trends
  • Let your creativity run free
  • Listen to your clients' wishes and translate them into an original concept

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