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The driving force behind a good hotel is a capable Hotel Manager

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The driving force behind a good hotel is a capable Hotel Manager. And you’re here because you’re eager to be that force. We help you get there.

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This home course givew you a peek behind the curtain of the hospitality business. Learn how to successfully manage an industrial kitchen, as well as recruit and supervise staff. We teach you to manage budgets, maintain business records and confidently handle customers.

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  • Organizing and managing a successful hotel
  • Hotel sector structure
  • Putting a successful team together
  • Motivating your staff
  • Ensuring that all departments and employees function efficiently
  • Conducting quality control
  • Networking. Finding suppliers and business partners
  • Budget management
  • Handling confidential information
  • Opening your own hotel or guesthouse


  • Knowledge of secrets of hotel management makes you an invaluable asset
  • Ability to coordinate well with your team makes you a capable leader
  • Confidence to handle budgets and suppliers guarantees a smooth workflow
  • Skill to create and follow task plans means you can keep efficiency high

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