Emotion Management


Emotions can create wonderful and exciting moments in life

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Emotions can create wonderful and exciting moments in life. Efficient emotion management is an ideal solution for every challenge!

During this practice-oriented training, you learn to keep emotions under control through physical exercises and psychological methods such as EFT and TAT to detect and tackle mental blockages. Moreover, the course is set up in such a way that you can apply the techniques to others (as a Counselor or Coach) and to yourself. This is also helpful for people who are prone to High Sensitivity or have ADHD!


  • What is emotional health
  • How do emotions arise
  • How to recognize and manage your emotions
  • From self-hate to self-love
  • Empathy and the art of compassion
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Emotion control and anger management
  • Emotional response in times of stress
  • Conquering stress and anxiety
  • Understanding triggers and emotion cycles
  • Recognizing and mastering your emotions


  • Being able to conduct a professional intake interview with your customers
  • Being able to work out a specific step-by-step plan, depending on your client's needs
  • Practical tips & tricks that your client can provide in can apply daily life

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