Writing Poems (Hobby)


Poetry is a special genre in literature

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Poetry is a special genre in literature. It requires a certain amount of skill to read it, and certainly to write it... Do you also want to let your creativity run wild? Then this course is made for you.

In this hobby course you will be completely immersed in the wonderful world of poetry. You first learn to read and interpret poems. Then you get to work wrtiting yourself! You learn everything about narrative perspective, rhythm, alliteration and more. This way writing becomes second nature to you and your original poems will be able to speak to everyone's imagination.


  • What is a poem? A brief analysis
  • How do you actually read poetry?
  • Building a good poem
  • Where can I find inspiration?
  • Associative thinking
  • Playing with words: rhyme, alliteration, rhythm, ...
  • Cliches are out of the question!
  • Edit and polish
  • Poems for children
  • Visual or graphic poem
  • How do you interpret poetry?


  • Reading and understanding poems
  • You are familiar with a number of important Dutch and foreign poets
  • You know where to find inspiration
  • You can write original poems and play with words
  • You can adjust your writing style to your target audience

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