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Religion plays a central role in the lives of billions of people

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Religion plays a central role in the lives of billions of people. It determines how people perceive themselves, see others and experience the world. Religion colors their culture and personality. To fathom believing people, you often first have to understand their faith.

Do you come into contact with believing people a lot in your ward, through work, or while traveling. Are you interested in religion? Then the World Religions home course is for you! During this course you will be introduced in a critical but neutral way to the major religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism. You take an intriguing journey from different perspectives and you understand what drives believers and distinguishes them from each other.


  • What is religion?
  • History and evolution of the five major world religions
  • Christianity: from Jesus to the Christian holidays
  • Islam : from Muhammad to dress codes
  • Buddhism: from tantras to monastic orders
  • Hinduism: from the Vedas to Divali
  • Judaism: from the different currents to the Jewish calendar


  • From thousands of years ago to now? The history of our world religions no longer holds any secrets for you!
  • Knowing perfectly how each religion has evolved over the years
  • Understanding the current situation better and with a new perspective to our world watch

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