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The wedding photographer immortalizes the most important day of in a couple

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The wedding photographer immortalizes the most important day of in a couple. You capture moments that are cherished forever. Wedding photography is pretty much the most challenging niche in photography, but with the right planning, technology and communication, you too take stylish photos that tell a beautiful love story.

Do you want to experience a challenging, extraordinary and profitable career as a professional wedding photographer? Then this course is he big picture!

Step by step you learn to shoot and edit your photos. You use the nuances of light, composition and posing to find your own style. You will also see branding and marketing tricks to develop your name as professional and premium wedding photographer.


  • What is wedding photography?
  • Wedding photography techniques
  • Black, white or color
  • Light sensitivity and resolution
  • Shutter speed and composition
  • Aesthetics of wedding photography
  • Photography styles
  • The wedding in pictures
  • The large group photo and smaller group photos
  • The photo album


  • Being able to master different photography styles
  • Being able to create atmosphere
  • Being able to communicate fluently with the bridal couple in order to capture spontaneous gems of photos

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