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Russian is a world language with more than 250 million speakers

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Russian is a world language with more than 250 million speakers. The language is important in Russia and in the rest of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Having knowledge of such a world language offers many advantages. Both on vacation and at work comes in handy for Russian. It's time to register for this home study!

After following this practical language course, you are able to speak Russian fluently. Your knowledge of Russian also benefits business relationships. After all, you are able to have a telephone conversation with your business partner in Moscow, chat with colleagues in Kazakhstan, or send business e-mails to the heart of Siberia.

Because Russian uses a variant of the Cyrillic alphabet, the language is an extra obstacle. The course is ideal for those who really love challenges!


  • Sound theory and the alphabet
  • Vocabulary and grammar
  • Texts and dialogues
  • Everyday situations in private life
  • Introducing
  • Shopping, shopping, dining and reserving a room
  • Everyday situations in the business atmosphere
  • Introducing your company
  • A product or offer a service
  • Communication via telephone, e-mail and letter


  • Speak and understand Russian fluently and confidently
  • Read and write Cyrillic texts with care
  • Draw your plan in Russian at work, in the shop, at a restaurant or at hotel

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