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Skilful cook and restaurant owners have the world ahead of them

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Skilful cook and restaurant owners have the world ahead of them. You get bonuses, promotions and travel opportunities or you start a successful business yourself.

And that is just the icing on the cake. You constantly improve various skills. Sales, marketing, customer service, maintenance, food and beverage knowledge ... are on the menu every day. In addition, you meet numerous guests every day who new opportunities bring!

Ready for a career as a chef and restaurant owner? Register now for this home course. You learn all the tricks of the trade and you are clearly presented with the fiscal aspects and hygiene regulations.


  • Starting your own business
  • Kitchen technology
  • Knowledge of ware
  • Serving skills
  • Knowledge of drinks
  • Safety and hygiene in the kitchen
  • Kitchen equipment and appliances


  • Store different ingredients and foodstuffs in a correct way
  • Comply with safety and hygiene regulations
  • Know how to launch your own successful business

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