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Real estate is the most sustainable investment

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Real estate is the most sustainable investment. Certainly if you know where the opportunities lie. The Home Real Estate Buyer training course teaches you to spot and capitalize on those opportunities!

Refurbishing and reselling old buildings generates large amounts of money. This course teaches you what to look for when purchasing and renovating a building. You learn more about the necessary administration, the required budget and the correct pricing. You recognize opportunities like no other. You see sales potential and turn a boring property into attractive real estate. A derelict farm becomes a beautifully restored farmhouse. An abandoned warehouse becomes a modern, refurbished loft. That attracts customers! Whether you work independently or for a broker: profit guaranteed!


  • Your Future Opportunities as a Real Estate Buyer
  • Smart purchases to make a profit
  • Efficient property search: what, where and how?
  • Offices, shops, warehouses and factories
  • Re-use of large buildings
  • Visiting and reviewing properties
  • The different forms of ownership
  • Determining the value of the property and buy at the best price
  • Set up a realistic renovation budget
  • Financing your project
  • Offer a renovated building for sale
  • Start as an independent Real Estate Buyer


  • Efficient search for a building to renovate? You know exactly how to approach this!
  • Determine the current value of a property and negotiate the best price
  • Successfully market and sell a renovated property

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