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Getting your diploma through the Examination Board requires a lot of work

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Getting your diploma through the Examination Board requires a lot of work. Do you want to quickly study or better understand the subject matter of the course Pharmacology and Quality Assurance? Do you want a clear course without unnecessary information? Then you've come to the right place!

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  • What is pharmacology?
  • Resorption, distribution, biotransformation, excretion and elimination
  • Therapeutic breadth and dosage
  • Specific concepts from pharmacology
  • Cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and uro-genital drugs
  • Drugs for the respiratory tract
  • Drugs for pain, inflammation and disorders of the nervous system
  • Gynecological drugs
  • Drugs for hormone and metabolic diseases
  • Anti-infectious drugs
  • Drugs for immunization
  • Drugs for external use
  • Quality assurance: a clear overview


  • You understand the concepts of pharmacology
  • You know all different groups of medicines
  • You know which medicine helps against a specific disease or condition

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