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A handprint is a unique personal characteristic

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A handprint is a unique personal characteristic. Do you want to discover the secrets of palm reading and predict your future, or that of your friends, family, customers, ...? With this practical home study you learn how to find each person's hand lines, analyze the relief of the hands - the hills - and detect personal characteristics.

With every subtle differentiation you know the underlying explanation and you can professionally know the future predict your opponent. You can tailor this information according to the interests and questions of your client: love, career, health, family, and so on. Extremely intriguing!


  • What is palm reading?
  • The origin of palm reading
  • What is it used for?
  • Reading the lines of the palm
  • The meaning of the different lines
  • Reading the hills by hand
  • The meaning of the hills
  • Individual characteristic signs
  • Being able to read the future
  • Differentiate between themes
  • Implications of the predictions


  • Being able to read and analyze the lines, hills and personal license plates
  • Being able to draw the right conclusions for the reading
  • Being able to explain the different implications to your customers

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