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More and more people in our society need some form of guidance

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More and more people in our society need some form of guidance. Sometimes the step to a traditional psychologist is often too intimidating, so Online Coaching appeals to more and more people and is also very effective for intimate or sensitive problems.

During the practical course you learn the techniques to help your clients. optimal coaching via chat, e-mail or other digital platforms. Because no one has to move to a physical location, this coaching is also extremely suitable for clients who suffer from a lack of energy (depression, burnout, etc.), certain social fears or phobias.

This modern form of coaching is rapidly gaining popularity with increasing digitization!


  • What is Online Coaching?
  • Types of Online coaching
  • Assistance via the internet
  • Online Coaching in practice
  • Coaching tools
  • Conversation techniques focused on e-coaching
  • Set up a digital coaching process
  • Hold a digital intake interview with your client
  • Internet etiquette
  • Further guidance and follow-up of your customer online


  • Being familiar with the nuances and etiquette of online communication
  • Being able to conduct an intake interview with your client via the internet in a professional manner
  • Adapted and successful guidance offer via various digital platforms

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