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Every successful organization works with competent office managers

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Every successful organization works with competent office managers. As a office manager you are the driving force behind a strong administration.

As an office manager you are at home in all markets. You perform daily administrative tasks, communicate professionally with customers and write business letters foreign languages flawlessly. You are indispensable in every branch of a company!

With this home study all-round Office Manager, you are employable everywhere. After six modules you will master every discipline that a professional needs. You will know the most common computer programs and give your language skills a boost to attract international business contacts. This way you have an extra edge during job applications!


  • Module: Basic Administration
  • Module: Word
  • Module: Excel
  • Module: Outlook
  • Module: Powerpoint
  • Module: Elective course Business French OR Business English


  • Professional mailing / writing letters, calling and presenting
  • Juggling Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook for daily and more complex tasks
  • Business communication with international customers / suppliers in foreign languages

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