We all want to look healthy, fit and vital

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We all want to look healthy, fit and vital. Balanced nutrition is essential for this. Not everyone has time to specialize in all the details of nutrition. People, young and old, are therefore increasingly looking for expert nutritional advice. Jump on the cart now! Enroll in the home course Nutrition and grow into a sought-after Nutritionist!

This course teaches you everything about healthy nutrients and balanced eating patterns. You study the energy needs of the body and which nutrients make this work optimally. You make people healthier, more energetic and happier. That will soon make your customers want more!


  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • Energy and metabolism
  • Nutrients: from fats to vitamins
  • The effect of nutrients on our body
  • Alcohol as part of the diet
  • Starting as an independent Nutritionist


  • The different nutrients and their effect on the body no longer hold any secrets for you
  • Guiding people, young and old, towards a healthy and balanced diet

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