Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy


Many people are stuck in their daily routine without really living it

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Many people are stuck in their daily routine without really living it. This can sometimes lead to depression, burnout, stress, etc. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (or attention-focused therapy) focuses on the functioning of the mind and the emotions of your client, whereby a more conscious life and a more open view of the world being central. That way the road to change, inner peace and acceptance is open.

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy is an effective course, extremely suitable for therapists, coaches, trainers, and anyone who likes to learn an effective method to finish and to relax.


  • What is Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy?
  • Genesis History
  • What is this therapy form used for?
  • Conduct a professional intake interview
  • Analyze the problem
  • Specific techniques and methods
  • Mindfulness with depression
  • Mindfulness with burnout
  • Mindfulness with chronic pain
  • Stressfulness
  • Breathing exercises
  • Apply the therapy to yourself


  • Being able to hold a professional intake interview with your client
  • Being able to analyze the problem and propose an appropriate Mindfulness process
  • Being able to maintain the follow-up of your client

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