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Do you work as a salesperson in a clothing store? If so, you see it every day

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Do you work as a salesperson in a clothing store? If so, you see it every day. The girl who nervously takes a few random bras to the fitting room. The woman who stares ahead in doubt and then neatly puts the lingerie away. Do you feel the itch to help these ladies in need? Then register now for this practical home course Lingerie Stylist!

You will develop yourself as a lingerie stylist pur sang: you will be able to expertly measure and select the most stylish and sensual lingerie sets for every figure, every age and every occasion.

After this course you will be the Lagerfeld of lingerie. Thanks to you women will feel confident, elegant and sexy in their lingerie!


  • Your future possibilities as a lingerie stylist
  • Anatomy of the breast
  • The different body shapes
  • Parts of the bra
  • Types lingerie: from sports lingerie to maternity bras
  • Taking the right size
  • Selecting and fitting the bra
  • Washing and storing lingerie
  • Take clothing, color and style into account
  • Starting as an independent lingerie stylist


  • Take measurements and convert foreign measurements? You are the expert!
  • Choosing the right lingerie for every body shape and personality
  • Washing, storing and maintaining lingerie? You know exactly how to do this!
  • Starting up and developing your own lingerie boutique as an independent stylist

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