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The fashion world is extremely dynamic

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The fashion world is extremely dynamic. This often causes confusion and uncertainty for people. Does this new style suit me? Does this new model combine with the rest of my wardrobe? As a professional fashion seller, you always have a expert answer ready for your customers' fashion questions! This course will get you ready!

During this course you develop feeling for clothing and accessories. You learn to estimate the taste and preferences of each customer. You discover how you in a personalized way help each customer. You learn to convince customers to try bold creations and unexpected combinations. Thanks to your fashion expertise, customers radiate self-assurance. The fashion boutique where you work will also benefit!


  • Skills, attitudes and charisma of a fashion vendor
  • Preparing the sales interview
  • The different phases of a sales conversation
  • Dealing with different types customers
  • Rewarding existing customers and loyalty
  • Setting up promotions
  • Everything about fabrics, maintenance and retouches
  • Your future opportunities as a fashion seller


  • The preparation and different phases of a sales meeting? That is a breeze for you!
  • Professional support for all types of customers with their purchase
  • Professional retouching
  • Develop your own clothing store? You know how to tackle!

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