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With the growing focus on the environment, there is a great demand for environmental specialists

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With the growing focus on the environment, there is a great demand for environmental specialists. Just think of sectors such as construction, food and nature. Many companies call in the help of an environmental adviser for this. The ideal challenge for you, because with a solid knowledge you will definitely find a job!

With this home course you discover everything about the environment so that you can perfectly advise each company to positively influence their environmental impact. Do you want to learn how to communicate with local residents and the government? Or do you have your own business and do you want to manage the environmental administration yourself? With this course you will discover it all!

Are you concerned about the environment or fascinated by environmental issues in all its facets? Register now!


  • Your Future Opportunities as an Environmental Adviser
  • Environmental Legislation and Policy
  • Tasks of the Environmental Adviser
  • Environmental Communication
  • Environment and Safety
  • Manage environmental administration
  • Tasks of the environmental department within my company
  • Environmental management systems
  • Environmental permits
  • Soil legislation / VLAREBO
  • Waste regulation / VLAREA
  • Air legislation
  • Waste water and zoning plans
  • Hazardous substances
  • Nature and forest
  • Energy and energy management
  • Dealing with breaches of environmental legislation


  • Environmental legislation and policy? You know everything about it!
  • Manage the necessary administration efficiently
  • Know perfectly what the biggest environmental threats are
  • Know what to do in case of breaches of legislation
  • You know how to start as an independent environmental advisor and how to find customers

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