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Nothing gives more satisfaction than being part of a birth

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Nothing gives more satisfaction than being part of a birth. Do you want to help expectant parents make the experience of the birth of their baby as beautiful as possible?

As a doula or childbirth coach you are the support system for women during their pregnancy and delivery. Your duties are varied and start well before the birth. ;You prepare parents physically and emotionally for the arrival of the baby. You do everything you need in order to help parents wherever possible during this special but vulnerable journey.

With this practice-oriented home course you will develop the necessary skills, knowledge and self-confidence to become an expert doula / birth coach!


  • What is a doula?
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • The normal pregnancy coach
  • A healthy lifestyle during pregnancy
  • Normal labor and delivery
  • The maternity period
  • The effect of your birth on your future life
  • Birth rituals: a world of difference
  • Happy upcoming dads


  • Tips and tricks, nutrition advice, etc. during pregnancy
  • Encourage, support and reassure the mother
  • Expert support during labor and delivery
  • Professional care and observation of the baby during the maternity period

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