Cupcake Baking


Cupcakes are always trendy

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Cupcakes are always trendy.

Coffee shops, bakeries, and candy stores still tempt their customers with this delicious treat. Is there anything better than a tasty cupcake?

Imagine being able to bake stunningly delicious cupcake. Learn to successfully combine flavors and beautiful decoration to create amazing pastries.

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  • The world of cupcakes
  • What do you need?
  • Ingredients: sugar or sweetener, fats, flour, baking flour, eggs
  • Chocolate in or on a cupcake
  • The different flavors and colors
  • Variation in cupcakes - numerous recipes
  • The topping: go wild!
  • Working with marzipan and sugar paste
  • The decoration: the cherry on the cupcake
  • Hygiene when baking
  • Start as an independent cupcake baker


  • Explore the wonderful world of cupcakes and learn to refine your technique
  • Learn new recipes, practice them at home and experiment with unique flavor combinations
  • Learn how to make beautiful decorations

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