Crisis Management


Crisis Management is an indispensable talent for top managers

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Crisis Management is an indispensable talent for top managers. Every company sooner or later crashes into a crisis. However, it is crucial to address this efficiently and tactfully.

That's why companies are looking for competent crisis managers who stay cool in critical situations, problems tackle on the spot and guide the company through the crisis. Quite a challenge with a lot of risk! Good crisis managers enjoy hefty rewards: a nice annual bonus, promotions, a well-deserved holiday, you name it!

With this practical home course you get all knowledge and skills you need to overcome business crises. You also look at numerous practical cases to prepare you as well as possible for the most exciting situations. Register now and transform yourself into a pro crisis manager!


  • What is crisis management?
  • The place of crisis management in an organization
  • The parts of an organization
  • The mechanisms in an organization
  • Various organizational structures
  • Identity, image and reputation
  • Stakeholders in crisis management
  • How to effectively tackle a crisis (before, during and after)
  • Communication during crisis management
  • Time management during the crisis


  • Stay calm and reasoned in critical situations
  • Think strategically and act tactfully in stressful situations
  • You have a sixth sense for possible crises
  • You can handle crises with confidence and represent the company in a professional manner
  • Prepare and implement an efficient crisis strategy
  • Communicate correctly and tactfully with all stakeholders during a crisis

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