Communicate with Animals


Every animal communicates in its own way

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Every animal communicates in its own way. Their way of communication can sometimes be the same, but depending on the animal, the breed and the personality, it can also vary and be considerably different. It is therefore important to pick up signals that can predict behavior or a certain reaction so that you can strengthen your bond with the animal.

In this training you therefore not only learn to passively 'read' your pet, but also how to communicate to them yourself! This can be very useful in detecting and eliminating problem behaviors like aggression, destruction impulse, territorial behavior, etc. This is also a great way to show your love for your furry friend in a friendly manner. This is a handy course for every animal lover!


  • Dealing with animals
  • How do animals communicate?
  • Communication between animals and between animals and humans
  • Influence of animal species, breed, personality
  • Signals that you can receive as a person
  • Signals that you can send as a person
  • Analyze problem behavior
  • Solution-oriented communication
  • Coaching clients
  • Learn to strengthen your bond with animals


  • Communication signals from animals can 'read'
  • Being able to communicate with animals
  • Being able to efficiently pass on the techniques to your customers

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