Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


´´Think positive! ´´ You must have said it to someone who is going through some challenges

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´´Think positive! ´´ You must have said it to someone who is going through some challenges. It actually works. After all, it is the basis of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: if you think in a positive way, you are able to feel happier as well as more productive.

As a Coach or Counselor you teach others to think constructively and realistically about problems or situations that they are (often wrongly) negative about. This way you help them break through the negative spiral of thought within them. The course material is also arranged in such a way that you are able to apply the techniques to others as well as yourself!


  • What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
  • Developing therapeutic skills
  • Learn to listen actively to your client
  • Conversation techniques and communication
  • Finding out the problem of thinking
  • The different coaching techniques
  • How does the therapeutic process work?
  • Creating different types of trajectories
  • Break through negative spirals of thought
  • Provide independent exercises


  • Being able to figure out the problem of your client's negative mindset
  • Going through a constructive process together to break this spiral
  • Being able to apply specific coaching techniques for an efficient result

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