Child Psychology


Children are the future

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Children are the future. Everyone knows that.

What we tend to forget is how fragile and impressionable young minds can be. In order to grow to their full potential, children need help and support. And we at Coursle are eager to teach you how to give them exactly that.

This home-learning Child Psychology course is designed for people with no prior knowledge in the field, and allows you to go through the material at your own pace. Learn about the different stages of a child's development, and how to recognize and approach various behaviors. Become familiar with the full process of a child's growth, from motor skills to identity formation.

Enroll today, and start shaping the minds of tomorrow!


  • Factors that influence development
  • Vygotsky's, Erikson's and Piaget's theories
  • Stages of physical and cognitive growth
  • Wants and needs
  • Understanding and monitoring milestones
  • Recognizing and tackling developmental challenges
  • Handling trauma and disorders


  • A thorough understanding of a child's mind
  • Understanding of internal and external influences on children's development
  • Knowledge of of behavioral patterns for every age bracket
  • Ability to identify risks for children's mental problems
  • Capacity to guide children through mental, emotional and social obstacles

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