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Good business managers grow businesses

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Good business managers grow businesses. They continuously recognize important opportunities and push the company towards more profit. That's why they often enjoy numerous exclusive benefits such as big bonuses, a lot of responsibility and especially freedom.

A competent business manager, however, needs thorough insight into the way companies operate. You will acquire this knowledge in the home course Business Management. You learn all the tricks of the trade to work as a professional business manager!

After completing this training you also have numerous future opportunities. This way you can go to the financial sector, but you are also qualified to work for SMEs, multinationals and NGOs. Of course this training is also the perfect preparation to start as an independent entrepreneur!


  • Module: Basic Management
  • Module: Project Management
  • Module: Change Management
  • Module: Time Management
  • Module: Financial Management
  • Module: Elective course OR Strategic Management


  • You will take every opportunity to grow the company.
  • You will manage and motivate your team efficiently.
  • You will be able to work out a professional business model.
  • You will adjust your objectives based on results analysis.
  • Projects, finances and changes? Your management skills are versatile!

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