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Good accounting is essential for any growing company or business

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Good accounting is essential for any growing company or business. As revenues and expenses increase, accounting becomes more complex. That's why managers rely on expert and specialized bookkeepers to financial reports to create and read and strategic advice for important decisions.

Qualified and talented bookkeepers are highly sought after! During this home course you will learn all the tricks of the accounting profession! From at home and at the best price, you will expand your accounting knowledge further and further at your own pace. At the end of the course, the annual statement therefore no longer holds any secrets for you!


  • Module: Bookkeeping (Basic)
  • Module: Bookkeeping (Advanced)
  • Module: Balance sheet analysis
  • Module: Financial Management
  • Module: Accounting office


  • You will be completely familiar with various calculation systems.
  • Single or double? You can do it all!
  • You will make financial analyzes based on all kinds of balance sheets.
  • You will prepare financial reports and formulate strategic advice.

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