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This is a course that could change your life

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This is a course that could change your life. Your distant dream of ever publishing a real book suddenly comes very close. After this course you will be aware of the different possibilities to consciously sell your book. By starting from the content, you know exactly which publisher suits you.

As the publisher of your own book, you strive to deliver a error-free book. You are aware of the financing for both small and large runs. You also know how to format your books with the right software. In addition, you are aware of the status of a writer and you know within which time frame you work. With this professional diploma you can count on a varied range of options with guaranteed success.


  • Why publish your own book yourself?
  • Define your choice
  • The editors of your work
  • Layout
  • An ISBN number
  • Collaboration
  • Financing
  • Self-promotion
  • Reach the press
  • A book presentation
  • Lectures
  • The distribution of your book
  • The status of a writer
  • Timeframe


  • Get to know the publishing world and immerse yourself in all possibilities
  • Explore your options so that you can make well-considered, good choices
  • Learn how to get your book to general public can get through self-promotion, collaboration, the press, ...
  • Get your own book spread how and where you want it

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