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In our hectic world the body gets out of balance

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In our hectic world the body gets out of balance. Do you want to learn how to naturally restore your health and balance? Then Bach flower therapy, developed by doctor and homeopath Edward Bach, is the answer you are looking for.

Bach flowers are healing extracts from flowers and plants. They cure minor ailments and strengthen your health. In this way you bring the body into harmony mentally and physically.

You learn all about the different Bach extracts, and their effect on specific emotions and energies. You learn to deal with customer inhibitions, fears and tiredness professionally. Finally, make yourself an expert in Bach Flower Remedy for Children! Everything to make you a true Bach flower therapist!


  • Understanding natural medicine
  • What are Bach flowers and how do they work?
  • History of therapy
  • Bach flower therapy vs other natural medicine
  • The 7 large groups
  • Type remedies and mood remedies
  • Overview of the 38 blossoms
  • Operation of the different blossoms
  • How do you select the right blossoms?
  • Bach flower therapy for plants, animals and children


  • You know all the Bach flowers and their unique effect.
  • You analyze the customer and choose the appropriate treatment.
  • You find the right remedy for every ailment, also with children and pets.
  • You combine bach blossoms to achieve the desired effect.

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