AutoCAD is the most important architectural drawing program on the market

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AutoCAD is the most important architectural drawing program on the market. With AutoCAD you can create detailed and complex designs of buildings and other elements. It is a useful tool for everyone involved in architecture, construction, engineering and planning. It comes in handy everywhere!

With this practice-oriented home study you get to know all the tools and possibilities of the software program step by step. Everything is covered: blocks, symbol libraries, arches, layers, plotting and much more. This way you will learn how to turn every type of assignment into a finished digital design while under online supervision from an experienced CAD designer. So sign up today and get started professionally with AutoCAD.


  • Functions of AutoCAD
  • Drawing in 2D
  • Blocks, templates and symbol libraries
  • Point, line, arc, circle, text, tables, spline and construction line
  • Operation Commands
  • Prototypes
  • Layers, and object properties
  • Shade, dimensioning and plotting
  • Coordinates and positioning
  • Rounding, chamfering, rotating and mirroring
  • From assignment to finished drawing


  • You know all the tools and capabilities of AutoCAD.
  • You make smooth professional drawings in 2D.
  • Blocks, plotting and layers? You know what you are talking about!

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