Applied Chemistry


Chemistry can be found all around you

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Chemistry can be found all around you. Everything you use, encounter or experience in daily life has something to do with chemistry. But what is chemistry anyway? And what exactly is the influence of this science on our everyday life?

Register for this home study and you will know it all. Thanks to an illustrated course book and the online guidance of a friendly subject teacher you learn a lot in a short time: from the chemical elements and the Mendeleev table, to inventions to chemical experiments. A new world will open for you!


  • Chemistry under the magnifying glass
  • Matter and energy
  • Attention: dangerous substance!
  • In search of small particles: the structure of atoms
  • The periodic table
  • Ion bonds: give and take
  • Covalent bonds: fair sharing
  • All about chemical reactions
  • Redox reactions
  • Who is the mole?
  • Solutions
  • Acids and bases: acid and bitter in the mouth
  • Carbon chemistry: organic compounds and their responses


  • You understand the areas in which chemistry influences our daily lives
  • You recognize chemicals and can handle them correctly
  • You achieve trouble-free redox reactions, chemical equilibrium and buffer mixtures position

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