Animal Shelter Employee


Animals that are found or abandoned end up in a shelter

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Animals that are found or abandoned end up in a shelter. For dogs, cats or other pets this then becomes their (temporary) home. Therefore, it is important to strive for the psychological and physical well-being of the animals here as well, so that they feel safe while waiting for a new owner and a new home. More and more shelters are looking for permanent staff or volunteers to care for the animals. You can be part of it!

Are you interested in working at an animal shelter and showing your love for the animals every day? Then you need some knowledge about the care, feeding, supplies, etc. You will find all the useful information you need in this course!


  • Legislation of the animal shelter
  • Professional profile of the animal shelter employee
  • Your duties as an animal shelter employee
  • Working as an employee or volunteer
  • The different breeds of dogs and cats
  • Customized dog and cat food
  • Medical care & first aid for animals
  • Collecting abandoned or abused animals
  • The behavioral development of dogs and cats
  • Recognizing and resolving stress and aggression in animals


  • The different breeds of dogs and cats? You can recognize them easily
  • Clean cages professionally and check and care for animals daily
  • Recognize signs of disease and apply first aid for animals
  • Recognize and solve stress and aggression in animals 

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